7 slightly unusual ways to earn money online (that might actually be new to you)

7 slightly unusual ways to earn money online (that might actually be new to you)

I get bored a lot, and I like to use my time somewhat productively – ideally making some green along the side. If you’re like me and you like the cheap thrill of a fistful of dollars you might not have had otherwise then please, by all means continue reading.

I have tested most of these myself – to varying success – while I just see the potential in some of them and can see how they could be both fun and profitable.

Visual novels

Visual novels are a… particular little niche. They are basically the interactive, branching stories you might have read as a kid, enhanced by graphical backgrounds and talking heads.

Two variants exist, one more family-friendly than the other and I have only dabbled in the lesser. It’s a niche that you wouldn’t expect to be as big as it is, some of the big names in the genre pull in tens of thousands a month just in Patreon income and I managed to get to 50 bucks a month in my first week with a half-assed demo. This market is largely unexplored, but highly profitable if you’re able to tell an interesting story and write full sentences.

I had to abandon the project due to time constraints eventually, but I fully intend to pick this up again in the near future because it proved a lot of fun to make.

If you keep the scope and branches in check I found this to be a great project for a single person, like others I opted for making the art using DAZ Studio and the game using RenPy. It was quite easy to get into both of these programs, it’s a great way to kill some time and tell a story if that’s your thing – and I can all but guarantee that you can make some dough out of it because that is a niche that is hungry for quality content.

If you need a starting point to figure out whether you might enjoy this I can point you at f95zone.to which is the main hangout place that I managed to identify. There you can find examples, technical discussion and player feedback all in one spot.

Speedlevelbuilding through YouTube

This is something I have not tried myself, but I want to take it as an example for many things you can do on YouTube that I would classify as “ride-along”. That is to say letting people watch you work, either in real time or sped up depending on what works best. I have seen the concept in several different areas from writing over programming through aforementioned speed level building.

The great part about these things is that they are fun to make – also simple – and often are things you would be doing anyway because you enjoy them. It doesn’t cost anything to try this with things you enjoy doing, you might just find a good niche.

This is a good example:

(Erotic) short stories

This is something you might be at least vaguely aware of, it used to be a big thing a couple years back when Amazon paid a whopping 20 cents per download of any book and thus made it incredibly profitable to publish quick, 5k words short stories.

Times have changed a little, but really they have shifted and adapted and there’s still plenty of demand. Amazon is still huge, they just changed their business model to be – more fairly – based on page reads instead of number of downloads. I like this because it pays off to write longer, more interesting stories which is more fun both to read and write.

Patreon has a nice market share as well, as of now I make a rough hundred bucks a month in exchange for an exclusive story and I’m certainly nowhere near the top earners in that regard.

I have also experimented with short stories in other genres – the most success I had writing some horror stories but frankly the disparity clearly favors writing some nude people touching if making money is your focus. But it never hurts to try and grind out what you enjoy most, this whole writing naughty stories sure gets annoying sometimes.

Funny tutorials

Tutorial videos through YouTube aren’t exactly a new thing, but there’s a highly profitable sub-genre that are “funny” tutorials. I won’t even begin to describe that when a video can perfectly show what I mean, one of the hugely successful videos that Ian Hubert puts out in the blender world:

(Lewd) 3D animations

If you’re into 3D (or want to learn about it) there’s huge potential to earn money with either cool SFW animations like this:

Things like this aren’t hard to make, but they will teach you a lot about your 3D program of choice if you’re still learning.

There’s also a – huge – scene for taking your animation skills to the dark side of the internet, once more that is something heavily sold through Patreon where the big names pull in thousands of dollars a month for making some pixels bang it out. Good stuff, easily promoted as well as you can use twitter, reddit, several niche sites and even artstation and the like for promotion.

Tumblr blogs

Now this is something that is very dear to me – I once made near full-time income from this method and it could be completely automated. The main method still works, it just stopped working for my network of adult oriented blogs after Tumblr decided to shoot itself in the foot, forbid all adult content and lose a fresh 30% of their traffic in the process.

That kind of killed my motivation to start fresh with SFW blogs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a unique way to earn some money. Don’t expect a lot though, this is a method that is definitely more beermoney unless you sink some serious time into it – still a lot of fun though.

The way this works is pretty damn simple:

  • Create one or many blogs that curate the best content for a certain niche from other blogs. You just reblog, keep your queue filled and this way you never have to even upload any great content yourself. The value lies in the curation, and people will follow.
  • Edit the html of the blog and put some ads on there. This is simple and takes just five minutes and after that it’s set and forget.

Most people will not get to see your ads when they scroll through the dashboard, but anyone coming in without an account will get to see them. Take for example a blog like https://blueprintsfromhell.tumblr.com/ that could (but doesn’t) have ads on it and is constantly referenced across the web, that’s a money maker right there.


Teambuilding events are like sexTeambuilding events are like sex

It’s hard to make a living with comics (though not impossible), but it’s surprisingly easy to make some money this way. I can’t draw at all, but I’m slowly learning and using a webcomic as a motivation to keep working on my skills.

Comics like XKCD show clearly that you don’t have to be a master artist to be successful, there’s plenty of ways to utilize the art medium of “draw some shit” to your advantage.

If you want to see my unskilled attempts that still manage to recoup the server costs and pay for the odd coffee then here you go:


Da end

I hope you found this post interesting, all the methods in here that I have tried myself hold a special place in my heart for their quirkiness.


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